The Rise and Feel of VR Pornography

The porn industry has always been at the forefront of technology. They moved from VHS to DVD way before anyone else. They created adult porn sites before Wal-Mart came online. But in the last decade, the industry has not seen a decent profit, mainly due to the presence of tube sites that pirate high def porn videos for free.

But the porn industry has caught the tailwinds of a new revolution, Virtual Reality. The ‘presence’ felt in VR is closest to the actual reality and the pornographers are making the best use of that opportunity.

Some Porn production houses have leapfrogged others by 3 years, by shooting porn in VR for its customer consumption. If you ever watched porn, you will know that even a half-decent production heavily uses eye contact, since it indicates intimacy.

 With VR porn, it is super easy to create a new level of intimacy. A viewer ‘feels’ like he is right there in the act. Since a VR headset closes off all light and VR provides a 3D surround sound, he can hear the woman’s every groan, every whisper and every reaction.

 The closer it gets to reality, the easier it is to sell, at a premium. VR porn producers are even hiring clinical sexologist to ensure they are getting the right order to ensure maximum pleasure to the viewers. They are putting video games creators to shame with the quality of their development work.

One example of a VR Porn production is BaDoink. The company started in 2015 with only 10 employees. They have more coders than porn stars in the company as they work hard to bring the best porn in the VR industry. Now they have an army of 90 employees.

One of the biggest advantages of VR porn is that you get to experience it as a character. When you watch a video, you are just an observer. But in VR porn, you are a participant. When you look down, you see a muscular body (usually) which you soon realise is your body in the video.

When you hear the porn star coo and moan, believe us when we tell you, it is going to feel like you are right in the video. Virtual reality makes porn 100% better than its video predecessors.

As the penetration of VR headsets increase, it is only a matter of time before the volume of VR porn content doubles. And this time around, they are building some technological protection around their content to ensure the revenue keeps coming to them.

Due to their immersive nature, VR porn can be more addictive than regular porn. But the industry is only too happy to hear the news as it means more regular customers for them. With the time limitations that are followed in VR, Porn does not even need to be a two hour long any more. A 10-30 minutes clip is perfectly acceptable. This means VR porn will become more agile and thus cheaper to produce over time.